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Why does it seem like 90% of redditor's parents are bad?

It's super common to find people on reddit who say they have dysfunctional families or just generally not good parent(s) It seems like this happens the most on reddit out of all the social media

2022-06-17 01:59·View on Reddit

A few times reading UK-based historical texts about the 18th and 19th centuries (previously in reading about the Grand Tour and Romantic era continental tourism, recently in a throwaway line in an Eric Hobsbawm book), I've run across a mention that, away from the coasts, Italy was depopulated,…

And if I am entitled to nothing, what am I supposed to do? I've got to earn an income somehow. Do I have to rely on the money + property my father gave me before his death? Is it especially common for the noblesse to give large amounts of property to their other children before their death?

Just had this idea of putting a headband on before things get hot and heavy because I always have the issue of sweating buckets from my forehead and it will sometimes drip onto her which I feel gross for. Do you think it would be weird or awkward if I started wearing a headband to prevent this from…

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