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If twins are born via IVF, are those twins any more likely to have natural twins or their own?

Either via genetics, epigenetics or any other factors.

2022-06-08 23:40·View on Reddit

She's not boring, there are just a million things I'd prefer watching. However, I'm her only viewer, and I wanna give her more motivation to keep going, as she seems to really enjoy this. I can't figure out if this is morally wrong or not - it's a lie in a way, but one that helps. Should I keep…

OceanX scientists have had rare encounters with a giant purpleback flying squid, identified a potentially region-altering tsunami risk in the Red Sea, and come face-to-face with the elusive sixgill shark, descended from animals that roamed the planet over 200 million years ago. We're currently on…

Even if you had a small militia of gun owners, or even a large one, the US military has superior man power and tech. They could outnumber your militia or simply bomb it with drones. I am not trying to make a statement about gun ownership, I am simply trying to know why so many gun owners think they…

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