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Anyone else in their 30's absolutely lost what to do with their life? How do you cope?

2022-06-11 16:41·View on Reddit

I was watching the latest video [] of "Checkmate Lincolnites " by Atun-Shei Films, which is a YouTube series dedicated to debunking the Lost Cause myth and other neo-confederate pseudo-history, and during the video he made the argument that the Confederate…

Obviously there are potentially hundreds of years between the completion of Sahara desertification and the onset of writing in Mesopotamia, but it's close enough that it seems possible that there could have been a "cultural memory" of a "green Sahara" during the earliest stages of writing.…

i just don’t understand. the fact that some people have been making $1.5 million dollars a DAY over the course of the pandemic while millions of people have starved to death at alarming rates and died due to the effects of the climate crisis. US homelessness has increased to a worse level than the…

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