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Women of reddit who had a partner turn from toxic to healthy w therapy, what’s your story?

Hello women of reddit! I was wondering if you ever had a partner who managed to overcome his/her toxic/abusive behaviour after therapy.

2022-06-20 08:36·View on Reddit

So I'm a 23 years old introverted guy and ever since I was 17, I realized I really enjoy being alone and I found that I could even be alone for an extended period of time. At the time I was dealing with some depression, but eventually over the years I got in to a healthier mental state. However,…

I understand that the question might raise alarm bells, but I want to make clear, this is NOT a question with anti-semitic connotations and NOT attacking Jewish people or endorsing stupid conspiracy theories, I'd just like to query a historical phenomenon or even see if it exists at all, and I…

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